Are There Fairies in Fairyland at Cannon Hall?

Two members of staff at Cannon Hall have reportedly heard little giggling noises and spotted what they think is a fairy in Fairyland at Cannon Hall. 

Fairyland is a magical place to explore as part of a great day out at Cannon Hall, near Cawthorne, Barnsley. Parts of the fabulous grounds of this Georgian Country House were landscaped into a fairytale folly for children to play in by Sir Walter Spencer-Stanhope in 1870. 

Barnsley Council’s wildlife conservation officer has confirmed that there are no native animals or birds that make giggling noises, the only possibility could be that the giggles were from a young Kookaburra just learning to laugh, but since these are Australian birds, this is extremely unlikely, unless it has escaped from a zoo and set up home in Fairyland.

Head of Culture and Visitor Economy Sue Thiedeman said “Any fool will tell you that woodland fairies hibernate over the cold winter months and now that April is upon us they are probably taking advantage of the lighter evenings to spread their wings” 

Anyone spotting or hearing one of these little fairies should inform a member of staff at Cannon Hall as they are keeping a record. If you do manage to get a recording or a photograph of a fairy please share on social media @cannonhall1760 #fairies.