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Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre is dedicated to the history and people of Barnsley. Visitors will uncover the incredible story of Barnsley told through centuries-old artefacts, documents, films and recordings that have been donated by people living and working in the borough. Experience Barnsley is a fun, exciting and interesting day out for all the family.

Unique, hands-on and interactive exhibits encourage visitors to explore the people and places of Barnsley, ultimately leading them to discover a town with amazing stories and a rich and diverse heritage.

With over 90% of its artefacts contributed by people living and working in the borough, Experience Barnsley is a museum that has been created by the people, for the people.

The huge range of artefacts includes football rattles from the 1950’s, a Littleworth Majorettes outfit from the 1980’s, leather jackets worn by rock band Saxon and Roman coins discovered in Wombwell among many others.

The innovative ‘Making History’ gallery encourages visitors to work with historical evidence and heritage in all its forms. Interactive exhibits include an archaeological dig with hidden treasures including medieval hordes, Roman treasures, linen bobbins and a ‘My Little Pony’! Children will enjoy dressing up in exact replica Roman armour, and will work together to build a replica model of the Penistone Viaduct.

Interested in finding out more about your family tree, history of your house, or are you researching a school project? With shelves full of fascinating books, intriguing documents, photographs, maps and films visitors are encouraged to browse and discover their own history and that of their area.

There are some fantastic events taking place at Experience Barnsley, to find out more about them click here or download the events guide below:

What's on Spring 2016 (1.3M, .PDF)

What's on

Barnsley and District Art Society:‘Let’s Celebrate’ - Sadler Room

Liverpool Biennial with Cooper Gallery presents: Betty Woodman

Strata: structures, transformation and solidarity

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