Penistone On’t Tour - Penistone joins Tour de Yorkshire

Penistone is one of the last town’s that this year’s Tour de Yorkshire will pass through and they are keen to put themselves on the map.

On Saturday 1st April, the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team will be abseiling down St John the Baptist’s Church to help attach a large t-shirt to the church tower to mark the start of the town’s Tour de Yorkshire preparations.

Joining them on his bike will be Penistone’s Mayor, Paul Hand-Davis, along with his wife and supported by a team of cycling enthusiasts from Penistone St John’s Primary School who have recently done their cycling proficiency.

The Tour de Yorkshire which passes through Penistone and the surrounding areas on Sunday 30th April has grabbed the local communities enthusiasm.

“We have created a steering group comprising representatives from local businesses, community groups, and the local council” explained Paul Hand-Davis, “who are working together to bring a carnival atmosphere to the town on the day. It’s incredible how the local community is so keen and proud to show off Penistone and the surrounding areas at their best on the day. Plans are already underway to have music playing throughout Penistone on Tour day with family activities being created in different parts of the town. In addition the local shops, businesses, pubs and cafes will be open to the public all day. We are immensely proud that the Tour is coming through Penistone. We not only have the main race in the afternoon, but the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire ride coming through on the Sunday morning. It’s going to be a fantastic atmosphere.”

The launch day for the town is Saturday 1st April. For the following month, there will be different activities planned throughout the town and the surrounding areas as well as in local schools to mark the tour coming through Penistone.