A Dutch Golden Age: Painters, Places and People in the 17th Century

Cannon Hall

Experience an extraordinary moment in art history and enjoy masterpieces by many brilliant painters from this unique period. In the 17th Century, the Dutch Republic had a booming economy, new political and religious independence and a flourishing art market. Seascapes, portraits, landscapes, domestic scenes, urban views and still lifes – all were produced and purchased in vast numbers.

The nature and volume of this body of artwork have often been called a window onto Dutch society, with its depictions of family members, churches, houses, leisure activities and the ever-present views of seas and rivers. This exhibition and our programme of events and activities is a chance to delve into a wide variety of paintings, find out about the artists who produced them, the places they saw, and the times they lived in.

Free admission

This exhibition was made possible with a grant from the Weston Loan Programme with Art Fund. 

For a full list of all the activities, talks and tours, download the exhibition leaflet below.

Dutch Exhibition Leaflet (585.7K, .PDF)