Allegories of the Senses - Live Virtual Event

Cooper Gallery

Join us for this free live virtual event. - A Cultural Collaboration - How Allegories of the Senses was brought to life.

Includes talk, virtual tour and Q&A

Working in partnership the Cooper Gallery, Arts Council Collection and Action for Autism and Asperger’s Barnsley (AfAAB) have carefully co curated a unique exhibition ‘Allegories of the senses’ which is currently on display in the Gallery. The work included focuses on the senses and how art has an impact on sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Included are masterpieces by Vanessa Bell, Martin Parr, Eduardo Paolozzi, Marc Quinn and Caroline Achaintre as well are rarely seen pieces by local artists Malcolm Whittaker and John Kenneth Long.

At the event Laura Biddle from Arts Council Collection along with Alison Cooper and Gabby Lees from Barnsley Museum will explore how the exhibition was developed, discuss working in partnership, the process of choosing pieces to include as well as how opening in the middle of the pandemic resulted in the adaptation and redesign of the displays to take into consideration the new normal we are now living in.

The live event will also include the premier of the virtual exhibitoin, films from AfAAb and an interactive Q&A

HERE is a link to the Live event -