Dick Whittington and his cat

Lamproom Theatre

It’s that time of year again (oh no it isn’t!) to think about Christmas and a good, old fashioned pantomime full of family fun.

This year, the celebrated panto hosted by Barnsley Lamproom Theatre takes us on the journey of one man and his cat – the folklore tale of Dick Whittington and his purrr-fect feline friend.

A poor boy from Gloucestershire, the story follows Dick, who travels to London for fortune, having heard the streets are paved with gold.

On his way, he meets a cat and Alice Fitzwarren, the daughter of a rich merchant who gets Dick a job working for her father. Of course, it wouldn’t be a panto without the two exchanging starry-eyed glances and romantic duets, and so the pair fall in love.

Sarah the Cook and her slapstick companion Idle Jack bring a touch of comedy to the proceedings.

All is going swimmingly until the evil King Rat appears - a greedy, retched, giant scoundrel who wants the demise of Dick and his cat.

As the cast set sail to the tropics of Morocco, the Sultan’s kingdom has been overrun with vermin from a spell by King Rat. And there’s only one four-legged hero who can save the day.

A tale where good triumphs over rodent evil, Dick reaps the rewards of his kind-hearted nature, earning superior wealth from the Sultan, becoming the Mayor of London and marrying the only girl for him, Alice.

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