DOUBLE PASSION: A Retrospective Exhibition by Tony Heald

Cooper Gallery

Local artist and educator, Tony Heald’s life has been involved with two passions, Art and Education.  

His friend and mentor, Robin Tanner, etcher and H.M. Inspector of Schools, devised the term, 'In Double Harness' to describe his own dual life as artist and educationist, hence the  title for this exhibition. 

In one life’s work on display in The Sadler Room, we demonstrate how these two pursuits became a symbiotic partnership, each enhancing the other. Heald strongly believes ‘that the Arts must be the very centre of human life’ and has endeavoured to make this the core of his teaching method, nurturing in others their creativity, in order the students receive a meaningful education.  

Having exhibited throughout the U.K. and Europe, Broadway, New York; Alaska and New Zealand, Tony’s  paintings and book illustrations have world-wide distribution, we are delighted to be able to present this thought provoking and powerful body of work during the artist’s 80th year.