Grayson Perry Spirit Jar

Cannon Hall

Grayson Perry is best known for his decorative and seductive pots. ‘Spirit Jar’ has been decorated with intricate and highly charged images that subvert the domesticity usually associated with ceramics. Perry recently wrote: ‘When I made “Spirit Jar” one of my bugbears was “Spirituality” which I still find “problematic” as they say in the art world. Woolly mysticism has always annoyed me more so than ever in these “Da Vinci Code” days’. Grayson Perry was catapulted into the public consciousness in 2003 for winning the Turner Prize, and for accepting his award in the guise of his alter ego, Claire. As part of the Cracking Ceramics project and in partnership with the Arts Council Collection, Barnsley Museums are delighted to bring one of the world’s most influential ceramic artists to Cannon Hall.

Free drop in.

Image: Grayson Perry, Spirit Jar. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London. © the artist