Kapow! Original Comic Book Art from Dean Ormston and Fiona Stephenson

Cooper Gallery

Award winning comic book artist Dean Ormston (Black Hammer, Judge Dredd, Lucifer, Superman) & artist Fiona Stephenson are two hugely successful, internationally renowned illustrators. They are also born, bred and based in Barnsley.

The Cooper Gallery is delighted to bring together a collection of their artwork focusing on the process when creating artwork from script, first sketches to finished art. The exhibition also aims to tell the story of the early beginnings of our favourite comic book Super Heroes to their on-screen counterparts.

Visitors will be able to see an additional display of original art work from the 1940s to present day featuring Batman, Superman, the Walking Dead, Hellboy, Lucifer, Tank Girl, Hellblazer and more by artists such as Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, Charlie Adlard, Duncan Fegredo.

Find out more about women’s roles in comic books through women illustrators, strong female characters and a young robot inventor called Dot, featuring in a video created by Dean and Steve Seagle (Ben 10).

 Free admission