Way Finder Map

Whether you're deciding where to camp, watch or park use our interactive google way finder map to help you plan your perfect spot in the borough.

Remember to also download our Tour de France brochure to act as your perfect companion to help you get the most out of your time in the area.


Light Green = Camping & Caravan Site
Dark Green = Camping
Blue = Self Catering
Purple = B&B / Guests Houses / Inns
Brown = Car Parking Only
Yellow Circles = Points of interest
Yellow Flags = Way finder / distance indicators
Yellow Male/ Female signs = Toilets



  1. Hover your mouse over an object on the map.  Once the curser turns from an open hand into a pointing finger in a circle, click to view.
  2. Use the plus (+) symbols in the lower right corner to zoom in on the map or the minus (-) to zoom out.
  3. Click on the box like symbol in the top right hand corner make the map full screen.

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